How to build a solid and durable house from the earth?

How to build a solid and durable house from the earth?

In many parts of the world, people have built houses from the country. Fat earthy walls are excellent heat insulation, in summer they are comfortable, and in winter warm. Energy consumption for heating in these homes is very small.

The biggest problem facing the house is that they are water-sensitive. If rain falls on the walls they are beginning to crash. This is most common in winter when the moisture in the outer parts of the walls freezes, so the walls begin to fall apart .

To prevent the walls from being dampened by moisture, it is necessary to place a material that is not sensitive to the moisture.

The best solution to this problem are solid frames within ones is inserted earth.

Such frames can be easily and cheaply made ofconcrete in which are inserted glass threads. Glass fibers in Concrete act as armor. These glass fibers give concrete durability and strength, and such concrete is called fiber concrete.

The walls are they can be molded like this with bricks or blocks. In the construction, such blocks of fiber-concrete with ordinary bricks can be combined. When is wall being built the land is inserted inside the blocks, the the land is squeeze .

The earth squeeze to achieve the required strength.

On sites where there is no soil within the frame, sand or stones can be put in.

For reinforcement above the window and the door should pour out the reinforced concrete as in houses of bricks, or blocks. Above window and the door can be continue build wall with fiber reinforced frames.

Such a house from the earth would have very high energy efficiency and would also protect against noise.

Energy needed for winter heating and cooling in the summer would be very small.

Rain and snow would not have a negative effect on the durability of the home.

Also, not every spring should repair parts of walls that were damaged in the winter.

The cost of building such a home would be much smaller than building with brick, concrete, or wood.


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