How to make a tricycle for gardeners, florists, fruit growers and windgrowers?

How to make a tricycle for gardeners, florists, fruit growers and windgrowers?

When working in the garden, people often have to bend to the ground. It is difficult for many people. With a tricycle that has a low seat, it is possible to ride a tricycle, and sitting on it to plant vegetables, pick fruits, pluck grass around vegetables, or cut low branches of fruit.

One partially customized model is shown in this film.

To build a tricycle like this, you need to make a few changes to your existing shopping tricycles.

The rear space of the tricycle behind the seat needs to be converted into a new lower seat. In order for this seat to be as close to the ground as possible, the rear wheels should be as small as possible.

In order for the driver to be able to turn the tricycle pedals, it is necessary to extend the distance between the pedals and the rear wheels so that the driver can turn the pedals. It is also necessary to reduce the gear ratio between the sprockets 3-4 times. In this way, the speed of the trcycle is reduced, and the power of the driver is increased so that he can drive on uneven terrain such as plowed land.

In order for the tricycle to be able to ride on soft and muddy ground, the tire tires must be wider.

In the place where the original seat is, it is necessary to place a platform for placing crates for seedlings, or for collecting fruit.

It is also necessary to make a new steering wheel that is placed under or above the crates, and this new steering wheel needs to be connected to the front wheel.

The tricycle could also be fitted with an electric drive. By installing an electric drive on a tricycle, gardening could be done by the elderly and the disabled without legs. Such an electric tricycle could be operated with the feet, so that other jobs could be done with the hands.


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