How to move large stones at great distances?

How to move large stones at great distances?

I looked at a show about building a pyramid in ancient Egypt and in Latin America. Archaeologists do not know how they are then people    carried large stone blocks hundreds of miles away without modern technology.

Some claim they put them on wooden beams under which they were watered to slim down resistance.  Some believe that wooden blocks were placed under the blocks, through which they were pushed. 
Nobody guesses you stone cubes are the easiest to push, if they are convert  into rollers. The rollers are not difficult to push. Just make wooden pieces that are placed on 4 sides of the cube. On each side of two parallel parts of the circle which have two holes in it. These parts of the circle are easy to connect with thin long, straight wooden branches that are projected through the openings in them. These wooden branches are tightly tied together to the ropes and the stone block is turned into a roller.

A roller that is easy to push.

Two men on a flat ground can push such a roller a weighing several tons. 
When is pushing upwards upwards more people can be involved. It is desirable to use the wedges on the downhill to prevent the roller from rolling too fast.

The simplest solution is always the best, but there are few people who know how to make it simple. When someone makes a simple decision, they all copy it and everyone says "I could think of it myself".

There are a few who can really.
Aall books written before the invention of Gutenberg prints are written manually. They only wrote about things that were interesting to everyone, most often religious books.

Technical details of a various crafts were not written down. Knowledge is transmitted with   from a father to a son. If a son dies, knowledge disappears. Thirty years it was enough for one people to forget about crafts used in the era of peace.  

Thirty years of war was enough for people to forget all about crafts used in the time of peace. Fifty years of peace is   enough to  forget alloblige all war skills.

By mass printing books abaut everything, it is possible to learn things that a person may never need.

Only by mass printing the book created the possibility for a man to learn to do something his father or grandfather did not do.

By mass printing the book has created the possibility for a man to easily and quickly, without research, learn to do something that for hundreds of years nobody has worked.


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