How to turn a dredger into a stone block production machine?

How to turn a dredger into a stone block production machine?

 Excavators are machine  that most often use for excavating canals, building foundations, and leveling the terrain. There are more and more work tools that can be placed on the hand of the excavator, and thus the excavator can perform various other tasks.

By putting pneumatic drilling tools on excavators, they is used for ruins roads, crush concrete buildings, and break large rocks.

On the arm of the excavator can also be placed a large stone cutting board. With such an excavator plate can cut a large stone into several parts.

This tool could still be perfected.

By inserting the longer shaft to which the cutting plate is placed, more cutting plates could be placed on this shaft. Thus the excavator could be turned into a machine for the production of stone blocks. The axle  with 6 placed boards could is turn a stone rock into 5 stone piece in one turn. By rotating the excavator's hand at 90 degrees with one stroke of these 5 stone blocks it could turn into 25 stone blocks. The blocks can be easily separated from the rocks by hammer strikes at the bottom of a block.

People who live in the mountains often have problems with rocks around the house. In order to remove these rocks, people often dredge stones and take it away where it does not matter. With the aid of the mentioned rock cutting tool, the rocks can be turned from waste into useful raw materials. Manufactured stone blocks can be used to build houses, or commercial buildings. Big stone blocks could also be used to build supporting walls when leveling the terrain, and creating gardens on sloping terrains.


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