How to turn a military boat for debarkment into a mobile shelter?

How to turn a  military boat for debarkment into a mobile shelter?

Debarkation boats are military vehicles that serve to transfer soldiers to an enemy territory. Disembarkation is carried out on the coasts of the sea or in the rivers, and in places not foreseen for sailing. The most desirable places for desant are sandy beaches where soldiers can easily get out of the boats and move fast forward.

A small group of soldiers can evacuate seamlessly, in a secret location, but larger groups are quickly exposed. They must fight as soon as they land on the shore. Most of them are killed during the disembarkation, in a space of several hundred meters until they occupy the first shelter.

Debarkation boats are usually made of steel plates that protect soldiers while in the water. When disembarking on the shore, the boats are abandoned and they do not serve for anything.

These boats could also serve as a protection against enemy fire at the shore, with very small additions.

At each boat, 4 wheel could be set over the edge of the boat.

As soon as a boat hits the shore, and the soldiers leap out of it, the boat must be overturned so that it is placed on the wheels. Pushing the boat forward makes it a mobile shelter. Soldiers enter inside and push it from the inside. The boat protects them from gun grains and from minobacaceous ice creams. One part of the soldier can push the boat, and the other part of the soldier can to open fire to the enemy. Wounded soldiers can go to the seats inside the boat.

With such additions, desert boats can become a land battle vehicle, shelter from the enemy, and temporary accommodation for soldiers and wounded.


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