Mobile easily foldable, portable network for fencing and cattle protection

Mobile easily foldable, portable network for fencing and cattle protection

Cows, sheep, goats and other homemade animals must be kept from escaping and from attacking the beast.

The most commonly used electric fences are used to prevent escape to foreign lands. Such escape fences prevent electric impulses that are cumbersome and do not touch the fence. The disadvantage of such fences is that they do not work during the rain. Also, cattle can collapse in case of panic.

To protect livestock from beasts such as wolves, wolves, foxes, or bears are used solid crimps that can not be crushed or skiped by beasts. Such falls have solid pillars buried in the ground. The problem is that such landslides can not be moved where the cattle are.

Small overhaul of building steel reinforcement networks can solve the problems that exist in electrical fences and cattle slaughterhouses.

The construction network can be remodeled so that edges off the net are slightly rotated by 90 degrees, all in the same direction. In this way two nets can easily be joined to the curved edges that are placed in the opposite direction. The joints can be further joined by the wire after insertion. They need to be connected to several places so they can not be separated by lifting.

Networks are located at an angle to each other, looking from the top.

In this way, the meshes stand upright on the ground without the use of burial poles. Each network holds two other networks to which it is connected. If an animal starts pushing a net, it would have to crash all the networks at the same time. As wolves or baskets can not climb over the net, it is necessary to place a barbed wire or a wire wire.

Such a fence from building reinforcement networks is easy to carry and place. When the stock is to move to another field it is easy to disassemble it and place it in another place. It is possible to place it on an even terrain, and also on the ground. Not sensitive to weather conditions.

If it is a network of thick steel profiles it is possible to place lightweight wooden beams on it. This can also be converted into temporary shelter against rain.