Tricycle for hikers, hunters, fishermen, ecologists and homeless

Tricycle for hikers, hunters, fishermen, ecologists and homeless

A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle. It can't sidestep, and it starts off like a bicycle by pedaling with the rider's physical strength.

The tricycle is most commonly used to carry one or two short-haul passengers, and in some places it is also used to carry freight. No fuel is needed for the ride, so it is most often used by a poor man who has no money for fuel, or picnics who do not want to make noise using a motor vehicle.

To protect themselves from precipitation, tricycles often have a canvas top from above to protect picnics or tourists - passengers being transported by the driver.

A tricycle could be significantly more useful in allowing the driver to sleep in a tricycle, in case there is nowhere to sleep on the road.

Turning into a traveling bed could be very simple.

The driver's seat must be fitted with a folding seat that can be pulled forward back to suit the driver. There should be just the same folding seat behind.

While driving in the front seat, a driver drives the tricycle pedals while one adult passenger or two young children sit in the back seat.

In case of fatigue, or fall of the night, the tricycle driver can park by the side of the road, in a meadow or some other place to rest. To do this, pull the front seat forward and lower the seatback to a horizontal position. Then the backrest should also be lowered to a horizontal position. This brings the two seats together into a single reclining. They would put their clothes and shoes in the space under the back seat, which serves as a luggage compartment. To make the seat comfortable, the seats should be made of soft material like armchairs.

In order for the occupant to be protected from the environment, the entire vehicle would need to have a cabin to protect the person from the rain from above and from the side. In this way, the tricycle would resemble a narrow car 2.5 meters long and could be parked on a small area.

This kind of tricycle would be very useful for hikers and would allow them to stay in nature for several days. By using such a tricycle, they could go out into the wild without carrying a tent. It could be used in the same way by hunters, anglers, foresters and other people who sometimes move in nature for days.

There are many people today who love to travel the world by bicycle. They have to sleep somewhere. While out of town they usually sleep in a tent, and when they come to cities they sleep in hotels. A tricycle like this would give them a much more comfortable sleep in nature, even and wetland.

Such old discarded tricycles would also be very useful to the various homeless who sleep under bridges, in abandoned buildings, and sometimes in sewers. By purchasing such a discarded or donated tricycle, their existence could be greatly facilitated. The tricycle would allow them to travel quickly out of the cities, to nature, where they can procure natural edible or medicinal herbs. After that, they could quickly return to the city to where they are accustomed to staying and to which they are emotionally attached. And at night, they would hop in their tricycles where they would be much safer than sleeping in cardboard boxes or sleeping bags.