Youkey Unveils The Functions of Extraordinary Delivery Robot - Pudubot

Youkey Unveils The Functions of Extraordinary Delivery Robot - Pudubot

Youkey, a valuable company in the commercial robotics industry, reaffirmed its 'multi-functional' and 'innovative bionic design' in their latest product - Pudubot. Believing that competing with the industry's leading robotics commercials is no walk in the park, Youkey has left no stone unturned in enhancing and thereby elevating its Pudu delivery robot functions.

Previously their intelligent delivery robots, which we all know as Pudubot, kept their flexibility within the barriers with PUDU SLAM, PUDU SCHEDULER, PUDU CLOUD technologies. However, with this recent announcement, they feel incredibly fortunate to deliver their clients with an ALL-NEW TREND in robotics like no other to date.

Keeping the need of the new normal in mind, the company acknowledged that they had included contactless delivery solutions for full coverage during the entire work operations. Besides, they have also soared skies with these smart, innovative functions of Pudubots:

Non-Stop Automatic Delivery in High efficiency

The foremost goal of Pudubot robots is to cater an error-free and continuous delivery service in high efficiency. Simple setting up operations via the authentic app, Pudubot can automatically accept and respond to the assigned duties 24/7. Moreover, it can even interact directly with the intelligent 'Multimodal Interaction' features.

Ultra-long battery life and Auto-charging

The 2022 Pudubot is updated with an ultra-long battery span lasting up to 24 hours on a single charge, depending on the usage. It is also coupled with a UI notification and voice alert feature to provide an automatic indication when the battery turns low. The best part about it is that it returns to the docking/charging station manually when the battery drains.

Adjustable suspension and compartment

The upgraded contactless food delivery robot powered by Youkey also has independent suspension adjustable to different floor conditions. Besides, it provides optimal stability and smooth movements for navigation. The robot also features obstacle detection that detects the barrier from a range of 10 meters.

Furthermore, the compartments are multi-functional and can perform various tasks through a single tap.

Sterilised compartment up to 99.9%

Sterilised compartments are a valuable and reliable element for post-pandemic business operations. It features a germicidal lamp responsible for sterilising the robot's compartment throughout the day. The sterilisation rate is up to 99.9%.

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